Selected Courses


Spring 2014: Peninsular Spanish Cinema

Spring 2008: ENGL/WLIT 368C Topics in Film: Dance on Screen

Summer 2007/May Term 2011/May Term 2012: ENGL/WLIT 368C Topics in Film: Asian Cinemas

Spring 2006: USSY 227 Travel Writing on Screen Article about course: The meaning of travel unfolds through film In new SAGES course taught by Linda Ehrlich (May 12, 2006)

2005: ENGL/WLIT 368C/468C: Topics in Film: Literature and Film

2004: Topics in Film: Great Directors

Fall 2004: ENGL/WLIT 368C Topics in Film: The Comic Film/International Perspectives

Spring 2000/Spring 2003: ENGL/CMPL 368C/ 486C Images of Women in Cinema


Winter 2011: Classical Japanese Theatre on Film

Fall 2003/Fall 2009: CMPL 230/ Asian Studies 230 Asian Cinema and Drama

Theatre and Film (University of Tennessee/Knoxville)



Fall 2014: JAPN/WLIT345 Japanese Women Writers

2005/Spring 2012: JAPN/WLIT 255 Modern Japanese Literature in Translation

Classical Japanese Literature in Translation/Japanese Aesthetics


Ijime (Bullying): A Modern-Day Problem for Japan

A New Look for The Shining Prince: Manga Adaptations of The Tale of Genji

Iyanfu: “Comfort Women” in WWII

The Bell Falls, The Serpent Leaps: Themes of Transformation in Japanese Noh Theatre

Kansai Rashisa: Insights from Oral Histories of Kansai Residents

Stepping onto the Path: A Month as a Zen Monk

Bushidō 2.0: Looking at the Reinterpretation of the Samurai in Contemporary Ja. Culture

The Fantastic and the Protagonists’ Journey in the Writing of Murakami Haruki

Ganbare Goemon: Press Start to Play in Edo Japan!

Schizoid Nation: European and Christian Iconography in Japanese Popular Culture


Spring 2014: Shadowplay: East and West [Case Daily Article by Susan Griffith]

Fall 2010: Shadows (an interdisciplinary seminar) [Cleveland Museum of Art Practicum]

Spring 2018: Syllabus HST227 Spring 2018 (Duke University, Emerging Modern Japanese History)