Honors Activities

CSP articleCOLLEGE SCHOLARS PROGRAM: Faculty member, Co-Director, Director

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Program Brochure
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Impact 2006
Article from Case Magazine
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Explorations 2003
“Research and Scholarship at CWRU” article from Explorations 2003.

James Carlson

Read about student James Carlson’s project through the College Scholars Program.


Active in:

  • Recruiting faculty and planning faculty meetings
  • Negotiating and maintaining budgets
  • Planning joint classes
  • Planning orientations
  • Updating website
  • Recruitment
  • Evaluating student applications, and interviewing
  • Advising
  • Planning and advertising guest speakers (Jeff Lieberman, Susan Sontag, Tracy Kidder, Peter Singer, among others)
  • Fundraising
  • Staffing
  • Setting up an alumni network
  • Writing yearly evaluations of the program

Team-taught classes on:

  • the Renaissance
  • Sleep and Dreams
  • Dante’s Inferno
  • Disney
  • Histories of the Future
  • Joan of Arc (on film)
  • The Unbearable Lightness of Being (Kundera, and film adaptation)
  • “This American Life” (radio and t.v.)
  • Large-scale architecture
  • Alternative medicine
  • The Presidential election

Student Projects

csp2 csp1 csp3Click the above image for more information. Journal produced by the College Scholars juniors (Spring 2005) [See Cover Above]. Sample essays include: A Night in Okefenokee, To Denmark and Back, Will Lecture for Food, Coming of Age: Wizard of Oz and Spirited Away, Liberia, Orchidaceae: The Most Adaptable of Plants, Café Ocelotl (original recipes), Music: The Storyboard of Life.