Museum Activities


For Classes
Class tours (Images of Women, Asian Theatre objects, Japanese art, African masks, “Scavenger hunts”)
Ingalls Library events (my classes are featured in their Visitors Guide)

For Community
Designed and conducted Outdoor Sculpture Tour for Cleveland Sight Center (June 2015)

Long-distance classes with University of Delaware
MOMA week-long workshop on Museum Education

Film notes
Wrote film notes for the Cleveland Museum of Art film series, and for the Cleveland Cinematheque young audiences program (“Cubism in Film,” “Satyajit Ray,” “Buster Keaton,” etc.)

Guest talks:
Guggenheim Museum (NYC)
Museum of Fine Arts/Boston
University Art Museum (Berkeley)
Cleveland Museum of Art

Guest Film Curator
“Childhoods” film series, Knoxville Museum of Art, Cleveland Cinematheque (including panel of scholars and live narration of Chaplin’s The Kid)
“Where Rivers Meet” festival—Noh on film, Benjamin Britten on film (San Antonio, Texas)